About GAI

Launched in 2014, the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI) was founded on the belief that if policy-makers, officials, judges, and other relevant stakeholders in charge of developing and applying competition law understand economics, they will be more likely to make decisions that enhance consumer welfare and promote innovation.

With more than a hundred competition regimes worldwide, the GAI responds to the need for a global perspective. To that end, the GAI collaborates with leading competition law centers in Asia, Europe, and Latin America to promote economically-informed decision making and policy.

Ideally located just across the river from Washington, DC, the GAI is part of the George Mason University School of Law, which has been a world leader in law and economics research and education for 40 years.

The GAI draws upon the faculty of George Mason University School of Law—which includes US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit and former head of the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg; former US Federal Trade Commissioner (FTC) Joshua D. Wright; and former US FTC Counsel for Intellectual Property and International Antitrust Koren Wong-Ervin—and upon the faculties of partner institutions around the world.

The Global Antitrust Institute has established an International Board of Advisors consisting of leading international scholars and practitioners in the antitrust field.