The Global Antitrust Institute (GAI) was created to promote the application of sound economic analysis to competition enforcement around the world by providing economic education to judges and competition enforcers from around the world in our Economics Institutes, sharing our legal and economic expertise by submitting written comments to regulators through our Competition Advocacy Program, facilitating debate and discussion of contemporary competition policy issues with events, and hosting visiting scholars from around the world.

  • Competition Advocacy Program (CAP): The GAI provides recommendations on proposed legislation and enforcement guidelines to foreign and domestic competition enforcers. These recommendations are designed to facilitate the adoption of economically sound competition policy.
  • Economics Institutes: The GAI offers education programs to judges and competition enforcers which are designed to provide economic foundations for competition analysis.  The GAI also provides one-on-one economic and legal education programs for individual agencies.
  • Events: The GAI hosts and organizes academic conferences and events throughout the world, featuring foreign judges and competition enforcers.
  • The GAI also hosts foreign antitrust experts via the Distinguished Guest Scholars Program, the International Fellows Program and the Visiting Scholars Program.

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