Online Discussion Series

The Global Antitrust Institute’s Online Discussion Series is a series of discussions, interviews, and debates between prominent practitioners, academics, and economists focused upon important issues facing the global antitrust community.

Professor Joshua D. Wright & Matt Stoller

Tad Lipsky & Terry Calvani

Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg & Judge Ian Forrester

Jan Rybnicek & Commissioner Christine Wilson

Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg & Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim

Professor Bruce H. Kobayashi & Professor Evan Starr

Jan Rybnicek & Joanna Tsai

Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg & Professor Thibault Schrepel

Professor Joshua D. Wright & Professor Doug Melamed

Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg & Professor William E. Kovacic

Professor Joshua D. Wright & Commissioner Noah Phillips

Jan Rybnicek & Hal Singer