Online Lecture Series

The Global Antitrust Institute’s Online Lecture Series is a series of short video lessons on important concepts in basic microeconomics, industrial organization, antitrust law and economics, and consumer protection. The lectures are aimed at practitioners, enforcers, judges, and students who want an introduction to foundational concepts in antitrust and consumer protection, or in some cases, to take a deeper dive into the details.

Perfect Competition & Monopoly – Professor Murat C. Mungan

Intro to Game Theory – Professor Murat C. Mungan

Intro to Market Definition – Professor Joshua D. Wright

Successive Monopoly – Professor Bruce H. Kobayashi

Intro to Unilateral Effects – Professor Joshua D. Wright

Network Effects & Platforms – Professor John Yun

Equilibrium – Professor John Yun

Cost, Production, & Supply – Professor John Yun

Demand – Professor Bruce H. Kobayashi