Agenda and Reading Assignments for Charleston Economics Institute


GAI Antitrust Economics Institute Agenda

Reading Assignments:

** Click here to download a zip file with papers for all sessions. The files will appear in a folder entitled “GAI Economics Institute Readings”**

Session 1_Heyne et al. Economic Way of Thinking

Session 2, 3_Heyne et al. Ch. 3 4 5

Session 2, 4_Butler et al. Ch. IX

Session 3_The Goals of Antitrust Welfare Trumps Choice

Session 4_Heyne et al. Ch. 9

Session 5_Werden Demand Elasticities

Session 6_Klein Market Power in Antitrust

Session 6_Baker Market Definition Overview

Session 7_Shapiro Mergers Differentiated Products

Session 7_Klein Brand Names

Session 7_Ordover Coordinated Effects

Session 7a_Scoring Unilateral Effects with the GUPPI

Session 8_Reference Guide on Statistics

Session 8_Reference Guide on Multiple Regression

Session 9_Vertical Integration and Firm Boundaries

Session 9_Klein Economics of Franchise Contracts

Session 9a_Airing Your Dirty Laundry

Session 10_Exclusive Contracts and Vertical Restraints

Session 10_Klein Resale Price Maintenance

Session 11_Conditional Discounts and the Law of Exclusive Dealing

Session 11_Wright Foreclosure

Session 12_Transaction Costs and Antitrust Concerns in the Licensing

Session 12_Competitive Price Discrimination as an Antitrust

Session 12_Kobayashi Spilled Ink

Session 12_Kobayashi & Wright Apple v Pepper

Session 12a_Whither Symmetry Antitrust Analysis of Intellectual.pdf

Session 13_Evans Platforms

Session 13_Tucker Network Effects

Session 13a_Rysman Two-Sided Mkts

Session 14_Cooper Underpants Gnomes

Session 15_Microsoft 253_F.3d_34

Session 15_Ohio v. Amex Supreme Court